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In an effort to help maintain the quality of care our patients have all come to appreciate and expect, we have made some vital and necessary changes.  These changes will affect the vast majority in a positive manner.  At first glance, you may not see it that way; that’s why I ask you to read on, and understand, with an open mind.  We are no longer (as of 1-1-07) “In-Network” with ANY insurance companies.  While some of you may currently be experiencing symptoms of TMJ as your jaw hits the floor, others will immediately understand our multitude of reasons without any explanation necessary.  This letter may get lengthy, but please read on…and if you’d like it explained to you, I’d be happy to tell you in person.

Why are we doing this?

Insurance premiums are going up.  Deductibles are going up.  Co-payments are going up.  Denials are an epidemic. Coverage is going down.  Chiropractic care is being eliminated from reasonably priced plans.  Wellness care is never covered…only sickness care is covered.  Decompression is rarely covered, and if it is, it’s only a small percentage of what is billed.  Corrective care is never covered.  Paperwork is going up, which means more staff…which equates to higher fees…which means you will be paying more when your insurance denies your treatment.  Insurance coverage should not be the deciding factor in how much care you need.  Our practice is entirely on the opposite side of the spectrum for what insurance carriers consider “usual, customary, reasonable and medically necessary”…we will NEVER be any of those terms as far as they are defined by insurance companies.  We go the extra mile and offer quality care that is difficult to find these days.  It is a rare day when a ruptured disc will be healed in 6 visits with nothing more than adjustments and therapy (which is what the insurance companies expect).  We treat a lot of herniated discs, which means we treat the worst of the worst.  We will never be ‘accepted’ by insurance companies unless we become the type of clinic that they want us to become.

How is this going to work in YOUR favor?

Our prices will be about half of what they are at Insurance rates (see below).

Service Insurance Rate Our Rate
Full-Spine adjustment $60.00 $40.00
1-2 Region adjustment $45.00  $30.00 
Therapy (Electrodes and Rollers) $25.00  $20.00
Decompression $50.00 $40.00
Rehab (ROM Machine) $50.00 $10.00
Laser $25.00 $20.00
Ultrasound $25.00 $25.00

(Cash means cash, check, or charge…or Care Credit). 


You will get more than twice the care for your deductible:  If you have a $1,000 deductible and you are receiving a full-spine adjustment, Therapy and Decompression you would get about 15 VISITS for your deductible.  At Insurance rates, you would receive LESS THAN 7 VISITS for the same $1,000 out of your pocket.

You will get more than twice the care for your yearly maximum: Same as above…If you have, say $1,200 available for Chiropractic care each year, you’ll now be able to receive more than twice as many visits.

Denials will be much less often:  Insurance companies will see the reduced rates and they will more than likely go ahead and pay the bill rather than initiating an expensive Medical Review of your case.  They know that it’s not cost-effective to run a review for charges of $15 and $25.  It’s cheaper for them to just pay.

Denials will be much less painful:  In the past denials would typically come back to us only after a review of claims which took approximately 3-4 weeks.  Meanwhile you continued treatment at those high insurance rates only to find out much later…after maybe a dozen or more treatments have gone by, that your insurance is denying coverage.  Then the burden of those insurance rates fell into your pocket.  It is illegal for us to reduce those fees for you once they have been billed to your insurance. You would then have hundreds if not thousands to pay out of pocket when you thought your insurance was covering you.  This is the main reason we are going to a “fee for service” practice…we don’t want to stick you with those bills.

Insurance companies want YOU happy: They will pay YOU.  They don’t care about US.  So when WE bill them, they sit on the bill for 6-8 weeks and then try feverishly to deny even the most legitimate of claims.  When YOU are the one submitting the bill it’s usually a very different story.  YOU pay their premiums, and if you are not happy you could go elsewhere.  They want you to be happy with them and they’ll therefore give you much less resistance than they will us.  In addition, they will see the reduced rates and usually pay right away, no questions asked. 


How will this work?

You still use your insurance…but YOU submit to them instead of us…of course we’ll be happy to help you with this.  Beginning January 1st 2007, you will be required to pay us for the services you receive.  There are a couple different ways to pay for your treatment. 

You pay us at the counter for each visit…and by keeping your balance at zero, you’ll save $5 per visit! You can use cash, check, charge or Care Credit to pay for your treatments. 

We will offer options for you to submit your charges to your insurance.  For those of you who come in periodically, we will print out your bill at the end of each visit.  All you have to do is mail it off to your insurance company.  Then in a few weeks you’ll receive your reimbursement check.  For those of you in Corrective Care treatment plans, we will periodically (you determine how often) print out statements for you.  All you have to do is drop it in your mailbox on your way home.  Then in about 3 weeks you’ll receive your reimbursement from your insurance carrier.  You can then use that to pay off your credit card or Care Credit bill.

Another way to pay for a package would be to use Care Credit.  Care Credit will borrow you the money you need for 12 months with no interest and no fees.  You then submit your itemized statement to your insurance company and when the payment comes in, you just pay it towards your Care Credit bill.  It works very well, and I highly recommend this option.  If it takes you more than 12 months to pay it off then Care Credit will charge you 9.9% interest.  Minimum monthly payments are around $30-$40. 

We have put a lot of thought into this new way of doing business and we are very excited about it.  We strongly feel that it is of benefit to the vast majority of you.  Insurance companies are in the business of “Sickness Maintenance” and they will never understand the benefits of “Wellness Care”.  It is time we take back our healthcare decisions!  Going to a fee-for-service practice system makes total sense to us and we think that if you are open to change and give it a chance you will feel the same way.  Breaking free from the grip that insurance had on us will also allow us to offer many other exciting promotions and specials that we were not allowed to do previously.  If you have been a patient of ours in the past, and you feel that your insurance was covering things…it’s most likely that we wrote it off and took the hit ourselves.  My conscience wouldn’t allow me to bill you your portion when it’s more than what it would have cost you if you paid cash outright.  In all honesty I felt bad for you getting taken by your high-priced insurance company.  I cannot continue to do business in that manner…and therefore I have decided to sidestep the insurance train wreck.  So if you want to see us here a year from now, please support us in our decision, and as always we GREATLY appreciate your referrals.

Yours in health,
Bruesewitz Chiropractic

P.S.  If you have any questions, concerns, comments, outbursts or problems of any sort…please tell us and I’ll be happy to sit down and discuss your situation with you.