By Troy Bruesewitz, DC


My name is Troy Bruesewitz.  What follows is what I believe…it is part of my philosophy.  People often ask me why Chiropractic is so helpful for their aches and pains; People sometimes wonder why they need numerous adjustments…this letter is my response.  I am not providing resources for what I have written as these are my beliefs. 

My first chiropractic adjustment was when I was 10 years old.  I knew I wanted to be a Chiropractor by age 15.  I grew up in the country.  My parents bought me my first motorized dirt bike on my 5th birthday.  I raced motocross in my teens and early twenties.  As a result, I’ve had countless injuries over the years.  Had I let those minor traumas to my body (especially my spine) remain, my health would surely be less than what it is today.  I’m only 36 years old, but degeneration begins within a few days following any injury that subluxates our spine.  Subluxation is merely the misalignment or fixation of any joint within our body.  This subluxation then causes our normal joint movements to be altered from what is anatomically correct.  This altered motion, or lack of motion, is exactly what causes osteoarthritis; the most common form of arthritis.  This is especially true in the spine.  If we have subluxations (vertebrae out of alignment) in our spine that are limiting the normal biomechanical joint motion, then we will likely develop a degenerative condition in our spine called Degenerative joint Disease (DJD), also know as Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD).  If we correct this subluxation/misalignment we most likely would not develop this form of arthritis.  Osteoarthritis is caused by lack of motion or abnormal motion, leading to a breakdown of the cartilage within out joints.  Chiropractic is the practice of adjusting the joints (especially vertebrae) that are out of alignment or that are fixated or both.  Just as the tires on your car will have excessive wear-and-tear if they are out of alignment, so will the joints in your body. 

Rather than vertebrae being out of alignment, the most common problem I treat here at my office is when two vertebrae are “fixated”.  This is just as serious, if not more serious, than a vertebrae being out of alignment.  You see, cartilage has no blood supply; there are no blood vessels going in or out of the cartilage in your body.  The way in which cartilage gets its nutrients is through motion.  Your joints have fluid in them called synovial fluid.  The way in which this fluid keeps the joints healthy is by supplying fresh nutrients as the joints move.  This process is termed “imbibition”.  I use an analogy of a sponge between two bricks.  If you submerse the sponge and bricks under water you will not get much nutrient transfer except just at the edge of the sponge.  Now, take the two bricks, twist and turn them and flex them in ways that a spinal joint should move and you’d have a very nutrient-rich sponge.  As the joints move, the fluid is absorbed (imbibed), therefore hydrating and supplying nutrition to the cartilage.  If that motion is lost, the cartilage immediately begins its journey toward degeneration and arthritis.  I treat fixated joints every day on the majority of my patients.  Through chiropractic, I find the joints that are fixated or subluxated and give them a Chiropractic Adjustment.  That adjustment begins to free up the fixation and gets the joint moving again.  It’s that simple!  Degenerative arthritis of the spine could be significantly reduced, if not completely prevented, if your joints were kept from being subluxated or fixated.  At the very least, your spine would be much stronger and healthier all around.  Having your spine free of subluxations and fixations also reduces stress on your entire nervous system.  If your spine is healthy, then it will not degenerate.  Degeneration causes bone spurs and bulging discs that irritate the delicate tissues of the nervous system. 

Is arthritis the only problem that can result from subluxation?  Not even close!  In addition to losing the integrity of our cartilage there’s an even more malicious process that often occurs.  Nerve irritation!  You see, arthritis causes pain…pain is GOOD!  It is the messenger.  Without pain, we would not know anything was wrong.  Our subluxations would then go un-noticed…why is this bad?  Because when we have a subluxated joint in our spine it most often causes irritation to our spinal nerves (in addition to causing degeneration to our cartilage).  A spinal nerve initially gets excited when it’s irritated.  After a few months it gets fatigued, begins to shrivel up (atrophy), and begins to under-function. There’s one problem…most subluxations do not cause pain.  Most of the nerves in our bodies are not sensory (pain) nerves.  They are “function” nerves.  They send and receive messages of instruction…not pain.  Therefore we do not even know there’s a problem until we begin to notice symptoms of disease.  (This is a whole topic in itself.)  Think about what happens to the tissues that are supplied by that nerve.  Understand that EVERY tissue and every cell in your body has its very own nerve controlling its every function…billions of them!  What if the nerve that’s being affected goes to your heart, or your liver or spleen, your pancreas, intestines, kidneys, thyroid, etc… I think you get the picture.  Research shows that nerve dysfunction leads to malfunction of the tissues it supplies.  More than 2,500 people die every day from Heart Disease!  Does Chiropractic prevent heart Disease?  No.  Chiropractic prevents interference from overwhelming your nervous system…the system that helps control EVERY function in your body.  Keep your nervous system free from interference and your body will function optimally for your entire life.

There’s so much more I’d like to say.  If you would like to come to one of our lectures, please call our office (763-5800) and let us know you’d like to attend as we hold them regularly.

Sincerely, Troy Bruesewitz, DC