About Our Office

SpineWorks Decompression & Chiropractic began as a sort-of long-term goal many years ago by a person who, at the time, was nothing more than a kid chiropractic patient. After 9 years of college education, a Bachelor of Science Degree, a Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree and two years of practicing his skills as a chiropractor; Dr Troy Bruesewitz finally set out to carefully design and build the practice of his dreams. The practice was designed entirely by Dr. Bruesewitz. His design (and many re-designs), was then brought to reality with the help of his immediate family, relatives, friends and other helping hands too numerous to mention.  (Special thanks to Troy’s father, Dale Bruesewitz). The practice equipment was ordered and the building built; no expenses were spared. The 3,200 square foot practice was finally opened on Wednesday, January 14th, 2004.

The office features a full-scale rehab facility that is geared towards rehabbing and restoring people’s health back to its fullest potential.

One of the features of the office includes a spinal traction table designed exclusively for treating herniated and bulging spinal discs. The table can treat disc herniations in any region of the spine. Dr. Bruesewitz has successfully treated numerous patients with this table.

The practice also hosts a Range Of Motion machine. This machine is capable of giving patients a full body aerobic workout in eight minutes. “It’s great for those people who like to work out but have a hard time finding the time. Though, the main reason for getting the machine was to help people suffering with Fibromyalgia, Diabetic patients, and patients with cardiovascular health problems, this machine allows people who would not normally be able to commit to a 30-minute workout to have the ability to achieve the same benefits in only 8 minutes. The machine incorporates a large percentage of the body’s muscles and puts them through their full range of motion, against resistance, in both flexion and extension. Contracting high percentages of muscles through their full range of motion requires a lot of energy. This energy is readily abundant in the form of oxygen. But once this oxygen is consumed the body goes into what’s called ‘anaerobic metabolism.’ Anaerobic metabolism occurs when muscles are required to contract, or work, without using much oxygen due to the depletion of oxygen in the blood. It is the level at which muscles start to burn other ‘stored’ forms of energy such as fat. This anaerobic level is attained through aerobics, but it usually requires 20-30 minutes. An 8-minute workout on the ROM can easily put you into the ‘anaerobic state.’ I purchased this machine to help those of us that, for one reason or another, cannot do 20-30 minutes of aerobics. There’s no other form of exercise, or exercise machine out there that I know of, that can perform as well as this machine.”

SpineWorks Decompression & Chiropractic hosts a one-of-a-kind therapy room occupied by four therapy tables.  In addition to the four tables, are two electrotherapy devices capable of treating up to 4 people simultaneously.

“In addition to the electrotherapy devices, we utilize a hands-free ultrasound unit. With this hands-free unit we can set up a patient for treatment and leave them hooked up for 15 minutes without the need for supervision. The hands-free variety utilizes 6 ultrasound heads that rotate power from one head to the next via computer technology to ensure the patient gets the most uniform treatment. The atmosphere in the therapy room is complemented by soft lighting and soothing music.

“We here at SpineWorks look forward to serving the Burlington community and surrounding area's for many generations!"

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