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The Vitamin D3 with No Meal Required

For best absorption, vitamin D needs to be taken with fat, but that’s not always easy to do. Seriously Delicious® Vitamin D3 is uniquely formulated for faster, better absorption—no meal or other fat required. And with a creamy texture and the taste of a strawberry milkshake, there's no easier way to get your D3!

5 Big Reasons You Need Vitamin D
**Immune System Support: Vitamin D helps our immune systems stay balanced and healthy. According to the National Institute of Health , adequate vitamin D levels may decrease susceptibility to infection.

**Bone Health: Taking calcium for bone health? It could be going to waste if you’re vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is crucial for absorbing the calcium you need for strong, healthy bones.
**Heart Health: Multiple studies show that vitamin D supports heart health.3*
**Mood: Feeling blue? Studies show vitamin D can help improve mood.4*
**Brain Health: Vitamin D is critical for keeping the brain healthy. Studies show th
at vitamin D supports cognitive health throughout life.

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