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Ultimate Joint Repair Platinum

The most comprehensive combination of joint reparative materials ever assembled into one product that amazing results have and are being seen from people with:

  • osteoarthritis 
  • sports injuries 
  • general arthritis 
  • back and neck pains 
  • knee pains 
  • shoulder, arm and hand pains etc.

If you would go to the store and buy all the materials within ULTIMATE JOINT REPAIR PLATINUM you would pay well over $100.00 per bottle. 

If you or anyone you know is suffering with arthritis, shoulder, arm and hand pains, knee pains, back pains then they must be on Ultimate joint repair platinum.


 Check out our testimonials page... this supplement is AMAZING! 


Isotonix OPC-3®

The most powerful antioxidant supplement on the market today! Provides complete antioxidant protection.

  • Combats free radicals
  • Demonstrates anti-inflammatory activity and promotes joint health  
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Helps maintain healthy circulation by strengthening capillaries, arteries and veins
  • Promotes/Supports healthy blood vessel dilation
  •  Helps promote/support cardiovascular health
  • Helps maintain joint flexibility
  • Helps reduce mild menstrual cramping and abdominal pain
  • Helps support visual health/visual acuity
  • Potent free radical scavenger
  • Promotes/Supports healthy nitric oxide levels
  • Supports a healthy complexion
  • Supports healthy blood glucose levels
  • Supports healthy platelet activity
  • Supports healthy sperm quality
  • Promotes sinus comfort  

Gluten-Free - The finished product contains no detectable gluten (<10ppm gluten)

No Detectable GMOs - The finished product contains no detectable genetically-modified organisms

Vegan - The product is made without ingredients produced by or derived from animals

Isotonic-Capable Drinkable Supplements - Easy-to-swallow supplements in liquid form are immediately available to the body for absorption

Quality Standards - GMP Operations and Standardized Ingredients

Checked For - Heavy Metals, Microbiological Contaminants, Allergens, Residual Solvents, Potency, Purity and Identity


Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living is the World Leader in Essential Oils. We offer therapeutic-grade oils for your natural lifestyle. Authentic essential oils for every household.

How to Get Started with Young Living Essential OilsImage result for young living essential oils      

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Shakeology: Nothing on the market is better!

Flavors: Café Latte, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Greenberry, Chocolate Vegan, Tropical Strawberry Vegan

Shakeology Ain't Your Average Shake: A Nutrition Specialist's Perspective.  | Online Fitness Coach | Body ElectricShakeology — SeayStanford.com



Come in our office and try a Sample of the
Barleans Swirls- Yummy!!!

Image result for barlean's Image result for barleansBarleans Seriously Delicious CBD Hemp Oil Chocolate Mint 25mg - Direct CBD  Online

Barlean's was the first flax oil manufacturer verified by the Non-GMO Project.
The Non-GMO Project is North America's only independent verification for products made according to rigorous best practices for GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) avoidance. Barlean's flax oil, lignan flax oil and cold-milled flaxseeds are in compliance with these Non-GMO Project standards, which include strict traceability and segregation requirements. 
Barlean's flaxseeds and flax oils are 100% certified organic and have always been sourced from non-genetically modified crops.

According to Barlean's Owner, Bruce Barlean,"Flaxseeds should be unrefined, unfiltered and unadulterated. Science can't predict with 100% certainty what cause and effect genetically altering foods will do to our health long-term. Why then wouldn't we keep this naturally nutrient-rich, raw food just the way nature intended?"


Natural Vitality Calm #1 Selling Magnesium Citrate Supplement

Anti-Stress Magnesium Supplement Drink Mix Powder

Natural Vitality Calm Raspberry Lemon Anti-Stress Drink Mix, 20 Oz. - BJs  WholeSale ClubNatural Vitality Calm Magnesium Supplement, Anti-Stress Gummies, Orange  Flavor, 60 Gummies NOT MAPPED | Meijer Grocery, Pharmacy, Home & More!



  • CALM MAGNESIUM POWDER: Healthy dietary supplement in a flavored powder form that helps support healthy magnesium levels and supports a calming and uniquely relaxing experience
  • STRESS RELIEF: Our Natural Vitality Calm gives your body the fundamental nutrients your body may be lacking to help with stress so you can maintain optimal health
  • ANTI-STRESS DRINK: A vegan and gluten free anti-stress drink mix that is formulated with magnesium sourced from the Pacific Ocean to promote a healthy calm
  • EASY TO PREPARE: Start with half teaspoon (1g) daily and gradually increase to 2 teaspoons (4g) per day as needed. Place the magnesium powder supplement in a glass or mug, add water, let it fizz, then stir until dissolved. Can be taken with or without food
  • MULTI-AWARD: 2018 Better Nutrition Best of Supplements Award, 2017 VR Vity Award, 2016 Clean Eating Clean Choice Award, 2015 DL Supplement Award, 2015 TFL Essentials Award to name a few